PP Native Cover_4564423_Front CoverOn the shores of Northern Africa the British Army is born.

The English Civil War is finally over.

King Charles II has been restored to the throne and he has grand plans. The Portuguese colony of Tangier has come into his possession and with it the key to power in the Mediterranean. But to hold it he needs an army and all he has are the remnants of the forces that once fought for, and against, the monarchy. They must become the vanguard of his ambitions.

James Fitzwilliam is a rogue and a royalist. Taken from his Scottish homeland by his father to fight for the monarchy–in-exile, he has grown up knowing nothing but a soldier’s life.

Now Fitzwilliam and a band of royalist and parliamentarian troops must learn to fight together if they are to survive this strange new land and the fierce Moors who hold dominion over it. The test will be greater than they know, and their battles will deliver a lasting legacy…

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  •   Thanks to the lovely folks at Fantastic Books Publishing (who seem to like what I do) the second of the End Of Empire trilogy is out! Thanks also to Kirsty O'Rourke for providing yet another killer cover.   Enjoy :-)
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