The Coming of Night




front cover

The Possession. A terrible curse that feeds off magic-taking and turning any who channel arcane energy into creatures of nightmare: demons, who infect their victims with a virulent sickness. The survivors huddle behind defended settlements never staying out after nightfall, for that is when the demons walk the land. In order for humanity to survive, magic is outlawed. All children are subjected to the Testing, to discover if they have magical ability. If so, they are put down without mercy or regret. In the Duchy of Albair, a girl called Enna fails her Testing and is forced to flee. Yet she has no magic. Instead she has within her the ability to block magic, to nullify its power. Men sworn to defend humanity against the Possession hunt her, fearful of what she may become. But the Possessed also seek her, for they know what she represents – hope. And they will not easily give up their new world, nor suffer her presence within it.