Captain Jon Forge is retired and hating it. Yet he has no love for the army he has left behind or the men who commanded it.

But when a general comes calling, Forge finds he has no choice but to ride out once more. Not for his country, but for the only man he called a friend. A man that was found dead in Karnak Karnassus.

The mission? To enter the city and break out the most protected, important and well-guarded politician in all of the Jedah Sea: The Paternal. Keeper of secrets that could bring down empires.

His only help is a motley crew of rogues who wouldn’t know discipline if he threw it at them. Out of his depth, Forge is surrounded by a hundred thousand eyes and whispering mouths, not knowing who to trust.

From the dark and twisting alleys of the rookeries to the grand avenues of the rich and mighty, Karnak Karnassus is a battlefield he has never encountered and is clueless to negotiate. Has he finally taken on more than he can handle?