End of Empire Book Two: Resistance


The TISSAN EMPIRE lies in ruins, humanity wiped out. The few survivors who hang on in remote corners pose no threat to the Elves who estimate that it will be several generations before humans recover as a species, if they ever do. Four such survivors hold the key to human destiny: Father Michael, ex-arena champion, has fled overseas with the last heir of Tissan. Forging new alliances they plan to return. Owen Derle, Eagle Rider, back in his mountain home vows revenge for fallen comrades. Thief Cade is now a slave. The Dwarves ignored orders to kill. Tens of thousands of human slaves now work the Dwarven mines. The halfbreed, Captain Sabin Fillion, hates the Elves more than most, but finds himself declared an Elven hero and taken to the very heart of Elven politics. It’s a prime position and a dangerous one.

Praise for End of Empire Book Two: Resistance