End of Empire Book One: Vanquished


The genocide is almost complete. The Tissan Empire is all but destroyed. Its people decimated. Yet even as the combined might of the other nations, Elves, Dwarves, Orges and Gnomes, strive to remove the mark of humanity from the land, a few desperate souls struggle on in a world that has no place for them.

Captain Sabin Fillion, an Imperial scout and a halfbreed born to an Elven mother, his hatred and loathing of her kind is deep.Cade, a thief and rogue, is taken prisoner and now must find a way to survive the brutality of her Dwarven captors. Father Michael, an ex-arena champion saved by the Imperial Church, he is the uncertain guardian of the last heir of Tissan. Owen Derle, a young Eagle Rider, the last of his kind, who wishes no more than to live out his days in peace.

In the days to come these four survivors will find their choices will shape the destiny of all.

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