Inspiration comes when doing the ironing.

Afternoon! Over the Summer I did some pre-work for a new fantasy novel. I planned out a lot of rules, characters, settings and stuff and I also wrote the opening chapter – which worked really well. But something just didn’t … Continued

I worry, I fear.

Hello friends, So this week, no last week, I finally got round to going to a meeting of Walden Writers. I had first joined their mailing list in 2009 but what with life, the universe, my own miserable inertia, it … Continued


Sorry, just expressing some frustration. Having got¬†Redoubt onto Smashwords, I’m still awaiting their review prior to distribution. Not their fault, they are no doubt inundated with poeple submitting stuff. What is shocking is the amount of erotica you can gey … Continued

The joy of ebooks

I never thought I’d say this, being an old reactionary that I am, but I have embraced the digital age. Last night I uploaded Redoubt onto Smashwords, an epublishing service. Essentially, they modify and distribute your manuscript to all the … Continued

Greetings Travellers

And welcome to my first ever foray into the dark world of blogging. Or perhaps it’s a light and happy place? I wouldn’t know. And I digress. Anyway, I am taking a few months off to get some writing done.¬† … Continued